Comprehensive Investment Management

Our investment management approach is led by a comprehensive financial planning process. You receive a custom financial plan that is easy to understand and implement. It’s your money and we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide you with a sense of empowerment, purpose, and clarity.

As fee-only, fiduciary financial advisors we put your interests first, at all times. We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously to help you plan in an environment that aims to avoid conflicts of interest so that you are empowered to make decisions.

Evidence-Based Investing

Smith Bruer Advisors puts into practice financial science, rigorous academic research, and evidence when we design investment portfolios.

What exactly is evidence-based investing?

  • Academic research has proven that financial markets are efficient because they reflect all available information.
  • Properly diversified portfolios work to minimize risks and maximize returns while maintaining broad global exposure.
  • Keeping costs low helps minimize your expenses and maximize your returns. To achieve this we use low-cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs).
  • It’s important to stay the course. Our financial advisors work with you to understand your unique risk tolerance so that you can confidently stay invested in a variety of market conditions.

Wealth Management


Financial Planning

We lead each client through an in-depth discovery process where we seek to understand what is most important in your life and your future. After all, money exists to help you achieve your personal objectives. Through this process, our financial advisors work with you to understand how your assets are structured, your risk tolerance, and what you want to accomplish.


Investment Management

Smith Bruer Advisors believes that financial markets are efficient. Our investment management strategy focuses on global diversification while using low-cost investments. Portfolios are designed by incorporating rigorous academic research and financial science while focusing on your specific needs and risk tolerance.


Tax Management

Tax policy and rules are constantly changing. We will work with you and your tax advisor at every step of our financial planning process to identify tax-efficient investment strategies that aim to minimize your tax burden.


Trust and Estate Planning

Planning for your and your family’s legacy is essential to protecting and preserving your wealth. Our financial advisors are experienced in working with attorneys and trust consultants to help you establish and manage trust and estate assets. We proactively identify and address estate planning needs during our comprehensive financial planning process.

Retirement Plan Services

Smith Bruer United is a full-service retirement plan solution. Focus on your organization's priorities and leave your day-to-day retirement plan operations to us. As a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP), Smith Bruer United combines technology with professional fiduciary services and financial advice to serve you and your participants. We also know that costs matter, so we implemented built-in savings as the PEP grows.

Why Choose Smith Bruer United?

  • Professional Fiduciary Management
    Save time and money by hiring professional retirement plan fiduciaries so that you and your team can focus on what really matters to your organization.
  • Built-In Savings
    Plan sponsors and participants benefit from built-in savings. As Smith Bruer United grows by adding new plans, you save money.

Let professional fiduciaries manage your retirement plan operations and deliver meaningful guidance to plan participants.

  • Administrative Fiduciary 
    Smith Bruer United’s Administrative Fiduciary is responsible for all operational aspects of your plan. From overseeing service providers and benchmarking plan expenses, to completing required audits and filings, and more, the PEP delivers a comprehensive retirement plan management experience.
  • Investment Fiduciary
    Smith Bruer Advisors, as a registered investment adviser, takes on the responsibility of being your named investment fiduciary. As a 3(38) Investment Manager, we assume responsibility and discretion over your plan’s investment lineup.
  • Advisor Services
    Our financial advisors work with your plan’s participants to help them understand their retirement plan benefits and investment options. Participants also receive professional guidance to address their retirement needs and objectives.

Institutional Asset Management Services

We apply a comprehensive institutional asset management consulting process to help you and your leadership team determine your fiduciary responsibilities and investment objectives. Our experienced team will walk you through the following areas:

Fiduciary Review

We will work with you to evaluate your fiduciary responsibilities and help you implement services and strategies to mitigate your risks.

Investment Policy Statement Implementation and Review

Having a stated set of investment goals helps ensure that you, your leadership team and investment manager are “on the same page.” We help you create and implement a comprehensive and easy-to-understand investment policy statement.

Investment Selection and Fees

Smith Bruer Advisors will work with you to design a portfolio based on an evidence-based investing approach. This approach incorporates rigorous academic research into globally diversified portfolios that seek to minimize risk and maximize returns. We use low-cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in order to effectively achieve diversification and minimize expenses.