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How to Pick the Right Financial Advisor

By Rene Bruer If you’re in the market for a financial advisor, one of the biggest questions you may have asked yourself is “how do I find the right person?” Think about what brought you to this point; a life change, a complicated financial situation, receiving a financial windfall, retirement, starting a new job with

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2018 Fourth Quarter Market Review

Featuring world capital market performance through a global overview as well as domestic and international returns of stocks and bonds, this report gives a complete timeline of the past quarter’s events. Additionally, the report offers insights into the impacts of globally diversified portfolios and a discussion on the quarterly topic: “Why Should You Diversify”. 4th

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Help for Heroes

Many veterans are unaware of the perks they are eligible for as members of the military. As featured in Financial Advisor Magazine, René Bruer explains how to navigate the world of VA benefits.

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Why Should You Diversify

When international stock returns lag, investors may feel tempted to double down on their home market. Historical data suggests the long-term benefits of diversifying globally. Why Should You Diversify_

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5 Tips to Ease Investing Anxiety

The stock market causes worry but there are ways investors can reduce it. As featured in US News and World Report, René Bruer gives his best tips to reduce the worry and fix investing anxiety.

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