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Five Lessons from Tennis

by Steve This week George and I went to Tallahassee’s Forestmeadows Tennis Complex to watch the USTA Tallahassee Tennis Challenger event; an annual men’s professional Challenger series tournament. I noticed some aspects of the game that seemed analogous to being a financial advisor and the world of investments. Here are 5: 1)One thing that stuck

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For the Windsor

By Steve Hiraga For the majority of my life I had anywhere from zero to five ties. There was my first tie, a clip-on that I wore for Easter services, my First Communion and probably my grandfathers’ funerals. Over the past five or ten years I managed to accumulate a lot of ties and now

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Letter to Clients

Dear Valued Clients,Smith Bruer Advisors has had a busy and exciting past couple of weeks! I wanted to specifically reach out to you in my role as the Director of Client Experience and reiterate our team’s desire to empower and serve you. We want you to experience the highest level of service from Smith Bruer

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Boy Bands and Small Business Owners

By Steve Hiraga Prior to the morning of March 27, 2015 I had never heard the name Zayn Malik. However here he was, being discussed on several media outlets on my daily roster. I had heard of One Direction (1D to fans), the British boy band quintet, now quartet, obviously modeled after the legends who

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Avoiding Zombie Portfolios

By Steve Hiraga The Walking Dead has taught me many things in preparation for a zombie apocalypse; ammo will always be available exploration of buildings will always result in finding zombies walking zombies > running zombies Most importantly, I have learned that as survivors we will eventually start to pay less and less attention to

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How Investing is Like Running a Football Team

By Steve Hiraga As a fan of the NFL, I paid a moderate amount of interest to the impending free agency of Ndamukong Suh, assuming that the Lions would find a way to resign him, or lose him to a team like the Philadelphia Eagles, who were feverishly cutting salaries leading up to the free

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