Ballers | Smith Bruer Advisors


by Steve

I am somewhat terrified of a Sunday-night series airing later this month on HBO. It’s sure to involve criminals, corruption, unethical dealings, violence and a lot of excess and exaggeration. I’m also pretty sure that it will be very entertaining. No, this post isn’t about True Detective Season 2 but Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson, who plays a recently retired professional football player starting his new career as a financial advisor in Miami.

Based on the story the trailer is telling, The Rock is given a job to “monetize his friendships” by throwing lavish parties while handing out cars, jets, drugs, and women as he pitches prospects ROI. “Anderson Financial. Get Rich. Get Laid. Have Fun.” says a co-worker. “Put that on the letterhead” says The Rock. Never in a meeting have I promised any of those 3 things. These are financial advisors they’re supposed to be portraying. Professionals who are to be trusted stewards of your money; disciplined and diligent. Granted, what seems like a new version of Entourage set in Miami, wouldn’t be very exciting if it was a half hour of Johnson explaining how asset allocations will change as his client gets closer to retirement and if his client has sufficient insurance coverage.

What terrifies me is that as of yet, I don’t see this show doing anything to dissolve the embellished characterization of financial advisors, last on display in The Wolf of Wall Street (although he was a stock broker and not an advisor, most don’t always see a distinction). Unfortunately, I don’t have any cars or jets to hand out and even if I did I wouldn’t want to violate SEC restrictions. I don’t anticipate throwing any parties on massive yachts, although a chartered fishing trip would be a great client event. I’m not saying I’m not fun, I just hope that I don’t have to spend any time explaining to prospects why I won’t be flying them to Saint Barths for a weekend bender.